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story behind the Danish juggler hits:
Today, most of it for granted that every year we have a jonglørtræfi Denmark. But where did the idea really come from? Well, it arose in my head for nearly ten years ago, so I have been asked to tell about how it really was going on ...
In 2002, it is determined that the European Juggling Convention the following year would be in Svendborg.
I had just been chosen as the Danish representative in the European Juggling Association (EJA). I thought it was a huge opportunity for the Danish juggler environment to host the world's greatest juggler reunions, and I saw that I could make a difference ; several ways.
I decided to create a mailing list for all jugglers in Denmark, and still today serves Yahoo Group "jugglingdk" as our primary means of communication. If you're not on the list so Register here

addition, I think that if we were to have a national annual meeting that would be a good opportunity and take would be a good opportunity Help build the expectation that 2500 jugglers from around the world would consume Svendborg later this year.
I had in 2001 organized a successful Nordic træfi Hill particular with Pallet (aka Mr. Balloon man Toons), so the most natural thing was to hear whether he had the idea. It was he, fortunately, and in January 2003 we organized, with help from both the Copenhagen juggling club "Mind Your Head" and the juggler environment around the Youth House, the first Danish jonglørtræfi Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen.
endorsement from juggler in Denmark was great, so ever since it has been a tradition that juggler in Denmark meets on the second weekend in January. So when we gather in January 2011 in Aarhus is the 9th time and it must of course be said to be a success.
Every year on take resolute juggler in the community of accuracy must be the year after, so we must keep the 10-y rs anniversary is still undecided ...
Article by Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen (Jon G. lør) (juggler.dk)

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